The Partisan, Washington DC

We were really excited when one of our two favorite Washington butchers got in to the restaurant game for real so we have been dying to try The Partisan since it was opened by the Red Apron team. We finally got a chance for our anniversary a couple weeks ago. Almost everything (on the food and service front both) was fabulous, only a guanchiale and english pea pasta was a little disappointing because the pasta was overcooked.

The meal started with some excellent (though not quite as light and airy as those at the Publican) pork rinds with a spicy BBQ dust and some delicious (but unnecessary IMO) BBQ sauce.


We then moved on to the raw meats. A beef tartare with cured egg yolk was delicious, very freshly ground, and well spiceed. The cured and slightly set egg yolk served as a rich spread to layer between the beef and the (what should have been slightly crunchier) toast.


We then moved on to the 120 day dry aged carpaccio. This was the best carpaccio I’ve ever had. Incredibly rich and the dry aging gave it an incredibly beefy flavor. It was like the best bite of meat I’ve ever eaten. I really wonder what it would taste like sliced slightly thicker with a char on one side.



Then we ate some cooked stuff. Sweet langoustines with a nice lemony olive oil, didn't quite rival St. John, but I love these little buggers which I so rarely see in the US and was very satisfied.


And some whisky braised lamb ribs that paired succulent slightly fatty meat with a sauce that could have been, but somehow wasn’t, too sweet. I could probably have eaten another order.


We finished with some very nicely served whisky and walnut bourbon pie that managed to envelop my favorite nut in a lovely crumbly bacon fat crust (it didn’t taste like bacon but it tasted like some seriously buttery but more umami goodness).


We can’t wait to go back with a bigger group to try the larger dishes like the fried chicken, aged duck (which looked delectable as they floated by to other tables), the massive rib eye,and the very adventurous whole pig head.


Morning Walks in DC

One of my favorite things is my walkable commute. I especially love checking out the enviable gardens of those with greener thumbs. And who doesn’t love a fresh homeboy? A few snapshots of what The Hill is like before the hellaciously hot summer starts …








Sushi Capitol, DC

I think we just found the best sushi in DC! It’s a pretty unassuming looking place, with a cheesy sign, tucked next to a wig shop on Pennsylvania Ave. it looks like a place that would make subpar rolls for hill staffers. It isn’t.

Sushi Capitol is super authentic and serves some of the freshest fish I’ve has in DC.


That plus the fresh wasabi and some of the best uni I’ve had anywhere are going to make this tiny 6 table restaurant one of my regular haunts. Not to mention the charming service. I just have to become a regular before there’s always a super long wait.