Not a Boring Potato Salad

Not a potato salad at all. Not a pasta salad either (though adding pasta would be delicious). During BBQ season it’s often difficut to decide what to bring along. Inevitably, there end up being multiple potato salads in every spread. Don’t be the person who brings the potato salad. And despite my serious love of mayo, don’t bring anything that’s going to sit out for hours that has mayo as a base. Plus barbecued meat while delicious doesn’t really need unhealthy sides. 

My latest go to is this quick, easy, and pretty, pea and asparagus salad. I run about two bags of snap peas, a bunch of asparagus with woody ends removed, and four scallions through the slicing blade of a food processor. Toss it in a vinaigrette made of Lambrusco vinegar (we’re lucky to live near an oil and vinegar shop but any sweet vinegar would be fine) and olive oil. I also add pickled samphire, pickled onions, and pickled ramps (all optional but pickled onions are so easy to make and so versatile that you should always have some on hand)  I bring along a jar of fresh homemade ricotta mixed with basil to dollop on top if people want (without the cheese  it’s vegan which is an added bonus and adding the cheese to individual servings works better anyway). 

I recently (accidentally) even grew some edible flowers which add a certain flair.