Weeknight Pasta

I often make pasta amatriciana. I also often make Martha Stewart’s one pot pasta (https://gigglinggourmand.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/marthas-one-pot-pasta/). Earlier this week the two came together. Let me be clear this is nothing like an authentic ammatriciana – Italians would probably have apoplectic fits; it is however, delicious. It also requires a bit of pre-planning.

I always try to have some of the Serious Eats long cooked sauce on hand (http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2014/09/the-best-slow-cooked-italian-american-tomato-sauce-red-sauce-recipe.html). On this day I also had some Parmesean broth in the fridge (cooked in a pressure cooker like a regular broth but with Parmesean rinds). You don’t need either of these items (water and canned smashed San Marzano tomatoes will be plenty good; but this is certainly better).

To start cook some guanciale in a pan until crisp (see I told you not authentic- Italians look away). Once it’s crisp remove it to a paper towel lined plate and cook some sliced onions (I mean like 3 onions) in the rendered fat with a Calabrian chili.

Once softened add some garlic, dry spaghetti (I like the bionature organic brand), a bit of sauce, and Parmesean broth.

Cook it almost like risotto. Adding more liquid and sauce slowly as needed until the pasta is done. You will end up with super flavorful pasta with a seriously silky sauce.

Chop the Calabrian chili add it to the pasta with some basil and toss with Romano cheese(the only authentic bit) and top with crunchy guanciale and a bit more basil (Italians look away again).


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