Umami Bomb

It has been rather a long time since I’ve written anything. Things have been hectic and busy. But writing about the cooking adventures is half the fun. So time to get back in the saddle! And what better motivation than samphire. I love this stuff:

Long story short, I finally found some in DC! I bought all of it. But a woman can only eat so much sea foliage in one day. What to do? Make pickles!


I made a simple pickling vinegar and then stuffed a bunch of jars with aromatics and samphire, asparagus, and onions and poured it over. Ice bath. Fridge. In a week I will let you know how they come out. I had never pickled samphire before but it seems like a pretty great idea. For the onions I made three varieties a regular one with Calabrian chili, garlic and peppercorns; one to which I also added lemon grass, kafir lime leaves, and galangal; and an Indian one with fresh turmeric and whole masala spices. I plan to use the Thai one on BBQ pork neck and the Indian one on tandoori lamb.

Then of course there had to be a fresh preparation. I cooked barley in Parmesan broth and made an asparagus and pea pesto.

It was pretty much spring in a jar.


Mixed together and topped with butter roasted white fish and garnished with samphire, asparagus, and tobiko it was a sort of fancy restaurant type meal at home. And oh the umami! The combination of Parmesean, samphire, butter, and roe almost seemed like it would be overkill. But since I didn’t add much salt it worked out delightfully. Funny how motivating a little seaweed can be!



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