Healthy Post Vacation Dinner

Returning from a few decadent days in Mexico had me craving a healthy, homemade dinner. There wasn’t all that much in the fridge but I wasn’t about to leave a tail-wagging beast to go back out in the cold. So I threw some brown rice and wheat berries in the rice cooker with some broth. Made a quick slaw of Brussels sprouts, snap peas, carrots, and some canned water chestnuts. A garnish of chives and scallions and a light dressing of rice wine vinegar and sesame oil it brought the slightly old vegetables back to life. The only meat I had was kielbasa (not that different from Chinese sausage I decided). So I sautéed it with Chinese cooking wine and Hoisin sauce, pretty good actually. Made a quick sauce (mayo, fish sauce, and garlic/chili oil) and threw some kimchi into the mix. Satisfying and fairly healthy (pay attention to the whole grains and raw vegetable and ignore the sausage). And even better the left overs can be topped with a 63 degree egg in the morning.