That’s the Most Beautiful Grain Bowl I’ve Ever Seen

Said nobody ever according to the Bob. They have suddenly become ubiquitous though and I have always loved them ( They are a great way to stretch out a piece of meat (less, better meat is a thing we try to do around here) and are incredibly satisfying and can be so prettily composed. So despite the accusation that I was trying to make my husband strap on a feed bag, I set out to convince him that the grain bowl is indeed a thing of beauty.

First the base. I love white rice. I was an early adopter of wheat pasta and wheat bread, but a bowl of steaming, sticky white (short grain) rice just can’t be replicated with whole grains. Even so, no feed bag is made up of white rice alone. So I made a mixture of short grain white and brown rice with wheat berries.”>2015/01/img_5746-0.jpg

I topped it with: carrots glazed in butter, honey and soy sauce; fried sprouts; kimchi; half a sous vide pork chop browned in butter (see, less meat); and some chopped cilantro and onions. The sauce was some nuoc cham from Honeycomb doctored with some herbs, garlic, and extra lime juice. Turns out the feed bag hit the spot!


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