ABC Cocina New York

First let me say the space can’t be beat. Really. By the time you’ve strolled through ABC Carpet and Home and into this delightfully decorated spot you just can’t help but be in a good mood.



 And the food is, more or less delightful. Particular stand outs included peekytoe crab fritters with ramp mayo:


A plate of sizzling shrimp with chili oil and garlic packed a serious flavor punch with sweet shrimp and rich but sublimely spicy sauce.


Sadly, some of the larger dishes were let downs. The chicken and rice, while decent, wasn’t as good as what I make at home, and even the chicken crackling topping it was less crispy and delicate than what I can make in my own kitchen. But the biggest disappointment was a fairly tasty (and beautiful) bowl of brown rice and vegetables with an herb dressing. Why’s that you ask? Well the dish was described as having asparagus, and ramps and morels.  It had one of each, otherwise, it was packed full of carrots and onions and other filler.  Perfectly good vegetables those, but no carrot is going to be satisfying when you think you’re getting ramps and morels. Plus, for the price I paid for the dish I could have afforded enough carrots to keep Peter rabbit happy for a lifetime.



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