Indian Style Pub Lunch

One of my favorite memories of living in London is whiling away a Sunday afternoon with friends and eating meat and two vege with Yorkshire pudding at the local pub (luckily there were some excellent gastro-pubs in my vicinity). So recently when I had some co-workers over for Sunday lunch I decided to put a creative spin on the old stand-by. Since Indian food and British culture are inextricably intertwined (just get anybody going on the origins of butter chicken) I decided to make an Indian pub lunch. The menu was:

ImageThe table setting was simple but festive: Image And the menu came together easily.  Boneless lamb legs were marinated and in tandoori paste (I just use store-bought Patak’s mixed with really good greek yogurt) and then roasted in a pan on the BGE with garbanzo beans and onions underneath.  While that was cooking creamed some spinach with curry powder and topped it with fresh paneer I’d made the night before (more on that later).


And blanched some peas and spinach to add to the beans which were redolent of lamb by the time the meat was cooked:



As a stand in for Yorkshire pudding I used parathas and for the sweet we had strawberry trifle.  This was a sort of semi-homemade effort.  I made the custard and used fresh whipped cream topped with crushed candied violets and lime, but bought lady fingers pre-made.  Overall it was a festive sort of party and a little unusual at that.






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