Simple Suppers, Duck Confit

It might seem strange to suggest that duck confit is a simple dinner, but using a sous vide machine makes preparing it easy. The night before you want to eat them, kosher duck legs with salt, pepper, garlic and herbs (I used thyme, rosemary, and sage). In the morning rinse them and seal in a bag with a couple table spoons of duck fat. Drop them in the machine at 167 degrees. Ten hours later when you come home from work crisp the skin and dinner is done.

I’ve been making these for a few months but until last night they were never perfect. I just couldn’t get uniformly crisp skin like you find in restaurants. Then while sitting at Bistro Bis with our friend Jeff, watching him eat their excellent confit, I happened to mention my travails. He pointed out that deep frying them instead of broiling or crisping in a pan might be the key. Well the man is a genius! Finally, perfect, restaurant quality duck legs! Yay! I served these with potatoes grilled with some of the fat the legs were cooked in and peas and asparagus sautéed with olive oil.



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