Shrimp Heads, Shrimp Heads, Roly Poly Shrimp Heads

Eat them up yum! Ok, Ok, I know I have the words wrong but these fellows were pretty darn delicious. I’ve had a hard time finding a Chinese restaurant that makes good head on salt and pepper shrimp in the DC area. And after a recent trip to Japan, where many fried shrimp heads were consumed the craving was stronger than ever. So I figured I’d just have to make them.  I started with this serious eats recipe:  When I made the batter it seemed like it was going to be too thick, but once the shrimp were added it thinned out perfectly.  I tossed them into the fryer for 2-3 minutes until they were crispy.


For the garnish I used more garlic than the recipe called for and a Thai bird chili and a calbrian chili and some calbrian chili oil instead of red pepper flakes.  I also threw in some chopped scallions for freshness.


All in all the result was delicious.  Spicy, salty shells and moist, sweet shrimp. I do think that I might try to use smaller shrimp next time though, in hopes that the shells will be a little thinner and fry up slightly more delicately.



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