Next, Chicago Steak

There are a number of reviews  of Next’s most recent Chicago steak menu.  Most think it’s less exciting than previous menus (they change 3 times a year) and some complain that it’s more expensive, especially because they don’t think it’s the best steak  in Chicago  ( The meal starts with various takes on steak house classics.  Some were excellent and beautiful like this broccoli and bread salad with oysters:

photo 2

Others weren’t as tasty, but they were still pretty.  Like this shrimp cocktail, which was just a bit mealy:

photo 1

Now for the meat. I can’t speak to whether or not it obliterates every other steak in town (sadly I’d need to do more in depth research than either my wallet or waistline can handle).  But I can tell you this was an excellent steak! I mean really excellent.  The 30 day age added some real complexity without overwhelming the underlying meaty flavor. In the end I did end up sort of agreeing with the review posted above that I wouldn’t have minded just that steak and a glass of wine. But that’s only because by the time we got to the steak I was too full to eat as much of it as I would have liked. I mean look at this meat!

photo 4I think what they were trying to do here was modernize a really old school steak house experience. They succeeded. I mean my dessert was even on fire:

photo 5

And I can raise a glass to that!



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