Breakfast Hash and Donuts

Two things resulted in this at-home breakfast.  The first was that I’ve been on a mission not to waste food, which means coming up with creative uses for leftovers – because most of the time reheating them and plopping them back on a plate just isn’t appealing. So when I opened the fridge on a recent morning and found some roasted brocolini and left over purple potatoes, my first thought was hash.  It’s pretty much the best way to use up left over vegetables and meat because anything can go into it. This time I fried some chopped up Benton’s bacon, added some onion to the bacon fat, then added the chopped leftover vegetables until they were warmed through.  The whole concoction got topped with cheese and went into the oven until it was melty and crunchy in bits.

photo 1 photo 2The second was this Slate article by L.V. Anderson about frying dough.  On a non-so-recent visit to Whole Foods I’d bought some refrigerator biscuit dough that was getting close to expiration.  What to do? Of course, cut the dough into pieces, toss with cinnamon sugar and you have warm, fluffy homemade donuts – and the topper for a pretty fancy homemade breakfast :). Nobody needs to know you went all Sandra Lee on this one!




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