Confit Pork Belly

I think I should just add a Red Apron tag on the side bar as much as I talk about how much I love them.  They have an ever rotating array of fun treats.  Recently I bought a hunk of pork belly confit that turned into an excellent 20 minute week night meal (that also served to be the fasted special occasion meal I’ve ever tossed together).  I cut it into chunks and tossed it into a warm pan. Image

That turned out ot be a bad decision since the skin pulled away.  Or so I thought, Actually I ended up crisping the skin separately and then putting the meat in the oven to warm though.  The result was super moist meat and very, very crispy crackling (which is my favorite). Image

Served with a side of rosemary white beans and a very acidly dressed salad it was a quick, delicious and slightly out of the ordinary dinner!



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