Eataly, Chicago

When there were rumors that Eataly might open a DC location of its Italian food emporium I was beside myself with excitement. It didn’t happen. The following pictures should tell you why that was so disappointing.















Sushi Capitol, DC

I think we just found the best sushi in DC! It’s a pretty unassuming looking place, with a cheesy sign, tucked next to a wig shop on Pennsylvania Ave. it looks like a place that would make subpar rolls for hill staffers. It isn’t.

Sushi Capitol is super authentic and serves some of the freshest fish I’ve has in DC.


That plus the fresh wasabi and some of the best uni I’ve had anywhere are going to make this tiny 6 table restaurant one of my regular haunts. Not to mention the charming service. I just have to become a regular before there’s always a super long wait.



Breakfast Hash and Donuts

Two things resulted in this at-home breakfast.  The first was that I’ve been on a mission not to waste food, which means coming up with creative uses for leftovers – because most of the time reheating them and plopping them back on a plate just isn’t appealing. So when I opened the fridge on a recent morning and found some roasted brocolini and left over purple potatoes, my first thought was hash.  It’s pretty much the best way to use up left over vegetables and meat because anything can go into it. This time I fried some chopped up Benton’s bacon, added some onion to the bacon fat, then added the chopped leftover vegetables until they were warmed through.  The whole concoction got topped with cheese and went into the oven until it was melty and crunchy in bits.

photo 1 photo 2The second was this Slate article by L.V. Anderson about frying dough.  On a non-so-recent visit to Whole Foods I’d bought some refrigerator biscuit dough that was getting close to expiration.  What to do? Of course, cut the dough into pieces, toss with cinnamon sugar and you have warm, fluffy homemade donuts – and the topper for a pretty fancy homemade breakfast :). Nobody needs to know you went all Sandra Lee on this one!



Confit Pork Belly

I think I should just add a Red Apron tag on the side bar as much as I talk about how much I love them.  They have an ever rotating array of fun treats.  Recently I bought a hunk of pork belly confit that turned into an excellent 20 minute week night meal (that also served to be the fasted special occasion meal I’ve ever tossed together).  I cut it into chunks and tossed it into a warm pan. Image

That turned out ot be a bad decision since the skin pulled away.  Or so I thought, Actually I ended up crisping the skin separately and then putting the meat in the oven to warm though.  The result was super moist meat and very, very crispy crackling (which is my favorite). Image

Served with a side of rosemary white beans and a very acidly dressed salad it was a quick, delicious and slightly out of the ordinary dinner!