Bangkok Golden, Virginia

This weekend we visited Bangkok Golden in Seven Corners,VA. All I can say is the I can’t believe we haven’t gone before. I guess probably because it’s close to Mark’s Duck House and Korean food I’ve been less than motivated. Well, better late than never. The “trick” (which is all over the internet) is to skip the buffet (obviously), skim the Thai menu, and ask for the Laotian menu. We tried some excellent pork sausage with was loose, tender, and redolent of lemongrass. A papaya salad which was ordered “Thai hot” (medium) was almost to fiery, but it was lime-y, crunchy and made a nice contrast to the sausage and a Laotian duck larb (which was overshadowed by the other dishes). We also had some beautifully fried, greaseless shrimp cakes which aren’t picture here.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3
Pretty good right? But I haven’t even told you about the pièce de résistance. Crispy rice salad. I think I’ve mentioned this a time or two (or dozen) before. I love, love, love, crispy rice. Give me some dolsot bibimbap, some tadig, or some socorat and I’m a happy gal. Who knew there was something just as good (better) yet to be discovered? It’s full of herbs, run through with a little pork, and finished with line juice and fish sauce. Next time I’m ordering my own. Sharing is for the birds.


Also, did I mention the prices are great? We ordered enough food for two meals because we wanted to try so many things and it still didn’t break the bank!


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