Saving the Best for Last, Kitchen Table London

Kitchen Table is the dream child of Chef James Knappett who worked his way up through the ranks at places like Per Se and Noma. It’s a dark space set up like a bar around an open kitchen (much like Momofuku Ko, but bigger). Watching the action makes for a pretty entertaining meal.


Especially when the chef is skewering and grilling venison hearts right in getting of you (they were delicious by the way, not at all gamey, but meaty in the best possible way).


Lately I haven’t really had much use for tasting menus. Even when they are good, I’m too full at the end and there are at least a few dishes that I really would have happily done without. Not so at Kitchen Table. There were even a few dishes that I would have happily eaten seconds of (ok honestly, thirds – chicken skin with mascarpone and bacon jam anybody?!). Anyway, it turned out to be the best tasting menu I’ve had in eons. Too bad for me that if have to fly to London to get it again.
The menu here is pretty darn vague so everything is a bit of a surprise.

Some of the more outstanding surprises included:

Sweet raw shrimp on toast with some insanely rich brown butter.

That afore mentioned chicken skin.

Smooth whipped cod with fried bread.

A tiny little beef sandwich with horse radish.

20140118-110510.jpg and some beautiful castlerosso cheese with honey and raw mushrooms.
The evening didn’t lack adventure either. No fewer than half the restaurants we at at in London had warnings to look out for shot in the game. And the Bob finally bit into some in his pheasant.




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