Bubbledogs, London

The best meal we ate in London last time we were there was at Kitchen Table (a small bar behind Bubbledogs).  As a matter of fact it was the best tasting menu I’ve had in years. But more on that later.  This post is about the charming restaurant behind which that culinary excellence takes place. Sandia Chang who is married to James Knappett the chef at kitchen table is from CA, adorable, and introducing the English to just about the most all-American food ever, the hot dog. Oh and she’s pairing it with grower champagnes. She’s so enchanting, in fact, that even after we ate the gazillion courses at Kitchen Table we just had to try one of her creations. It was fabulous. Another place that I really, really wish had been around a few years ago.  I would have been a regular for sure.  We tried the Cesar which paired fresh, crunchy baby gem lettuce with really crispy chicken skin. All on top of a hot dog. Random. But really pretty much the best idea ever.   And as Chang points out to everybody who admires the Ferran Adria autograph on the wall, he came for her hot dogs, not the tasting menu!



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