Duck and Waffle, the Best View in London

The Bob and I sometimes have a hard time fitting any new places in to our London trips. There are just too many old favorites to visit. But we were glad we managed to stop in at the Duck and Waffle (and I’m seriously disappointed that it didn’t exist when I worked across the street – especially since it’s open 24 hours). The food was very good, but really it was the atmosphere, the bar, and the view that rounded out the experience.


We started with BBQ pigs ears which were perfectly crispy and came in this adorable bag. I think maybe some more spice in the BBQ seasoning would have helped to cut the fat, but I still ate most of the bag!
photo 1
photo 3Raw Scottish scallops were another hit, fresh and sweet, though the black truffle got a bit lost.

photo 2The Bob was more of a fan than I was of the ox cheek doughnut and the lobster creme brulee both of which found too rich (though the quality of the lobster was excellent).

photo 5 photo 4

My favorite dish was roasted octopus with lemon and potatoes and chorizo.  Spicy, and almost smoky, but with enough acid to cut the fat from the chorizo.

photo 1

We didn’t try any mains, but I think the most alluring option here is to enjoy some small bites, a few very clever cocktails, and that incredible view.


I’m higher than the gherkin!



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