Petti di Pollo al Burro

A few years ago the Bob and I ate at Trattoria Sostanza in Florence. The place is delightful. It’s cozy and the food is divine, if incredibly simple. Boiled hen with green sauce, tortellini al brodo, and bistecca alla fiorentina are all sure to please. But the real treat is the chicken (more or less) boiled in butter.

So we were pretty jealous when a friend of the Bob posted a picture from there recently. He followed up by posting this sfgate article that adapts the dish for a home kitchen.
When you look at the quantity of extra high fat butter and the calorie count on this recipe you realize this isn’t a dish you just make anytime. But when you have a snow day and can light a big fire (and you happen to find Plugra butter) it’s worth a try. I was sure the butter would burn at those temperatures and I couldn’t imagine the chicken wouldn’t come out dry. And the butter did sputter and foam (which turned out to be a great thing). So I was wrong. This stuff is so tasty. The nutty, rich, brown butter would make anything taste good and the chicken was super tender and moist. Though, make sure to use really good quality chicken because all that’s going on here is butter, chicken, salt and a small squeeze of lemon. Then make a butter lettuce salad (I went with an acidic sherry vinaigrette) and heat up some bread. You won’t need anything else.





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