The Green Man & French Horn

I love seeing shows.  Pretty much anywhere, but especially in London. Like in many other cities, there’s dearth of good restaurants near the theater district.  Enter the Greenman and French Horn, a delightfully cozy new English pub with a French

The food was delicious, it’s open late and you can stroll right over after a show (make reservations though).  The service was a little “French” but actually warmed up considerably as the evening wore on.

We started with some excellent bread and refreshing, crunchy, vivid pink radishes with creamy butter and fleur de sel. The radishes were almost sweeter than they were peppery.

photo 1Then we moved on to a dressed crab and some langoustines.  Both were sweet and fresh, though that late at night we were almost too tired to work as hard as we needed to to get all of the crab meat.

photo 3


Luckily the crunchy pork belly that followed was much easier to eat.  It was accompanied by bitter endive with a mustardy dressing which served as an excellent compliment to the unctuous pork.

photo 2We finished with the poach pear with salted caramel and a fig tart.  The bob loved the caramel (as does just about everybody who tries it judging from reviews). I though the tart was not-too-sweet, moist, and cake-y and set of perfectly by the small dish of creme fraiche that accompanied it.

photo 4 photo 5

I think this is going to me my new post theater go-to in London.  Now I just need to get myself back there ASAP.




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