Le Bristol, Paris

While we were in Paris a couple weeks ago we decided to splurge on one really excellent meal.  We ended up picking Le Bristol and it was delightful.  We ordered three course each but between all the amuse, and other intermittent surprises I think we ate about six dishes each. Everything was amazing, The meal began with a whimsical amuse of sorrel with foie gras, kadaifi and a fried pastry with more foie gras.

photo 1

Then (you guessed it) another foie gras surprise. This time with apples, mushrooms and white fish. Sounded strange but tasted wonderful, tart but full of umami goodness.

photo 2I started with the grilled leeks with seaweed butter, tartar of “Perle Blanche” oysters, spring onions and lemon.  Who knew leeks could be this good?

photo 3Though I think I preferred the Bob’s stuffed macaroni with black truffle, artichoke and duck foie gras, gratinated with mature Parmesan cheese.  It was super rich but almost seemed like elevated comfort food.

photo 4On the mains though I think my choice won out.  Beautiful scallops with gnocchi, white truffle from Alba, and watercress juice with brown butter. Simple, but I think the best dish of food I’ve ever been served.

photo 5The Bob’s lobster “roasted in his shell” and smoked,  “grenailles”  served with potatoes with seaweed butter and salicornia, juice of the heads and samphire was no slouch either.  The lobster was sweet, the sauce decadently rich, the potatoes smooth and the samphire added just the right amount of saltiness.

lobsterI had a cheese course and the Bob opted for the priceless nyangbo chocolate with liquid cocoa, thin tile wafers and gold gilded sorbet.

cocoI was almost too full to eat the apple sorbet and tea gelee palate cleansers that came before the sweets, but I’m glad I powered through.

yy xxFinally there was a cart of splendid macarons.  So light and airy that they were irresistible even though I was full to the point of bursting.

Needless to say, the space was beautiful (overlooking a lovely courtyard) and the service impeccable.


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