Pheasant in London, Pheasant at Home

Every time we are in London the Bob and I eat at St. John.  It’s so good that no matter how many new places we try it always has to stay on the list.  This last time we tried roasted Pheasant with sunchokes. It was pretty amazing. The skin and the meat weren’t at all gamey, but it brought a much richer flavor than other poultry I’ve eaten. photo 1

We also had lentils with the smoothest goats curd and tender kale.

photo 2And a quince trifle topped with freshly whipped cream and almonds.  I had never tried fresh quince and it tasted much sweeter and more delicate that I’d imagined.

photo 4So this weekend when I saw Pheasant, even though we were still recovering from a thanksgiving turkey I had to give it a try.  My version wasn’t as good as St. John (no shocker there) but it was still delicious.  The coated the meat in butter, stuffed the cavity with lemons and herbs and roasted it much like I would a chicken (using some apple and onion wedges to keep the smaller bird upright in the pan).  I thought the meat almost tasted like it had gravy on it even though it was dry, and oh that crispy skin …

photo 2 photo 3I served it with some purple potatoes and Brussels sprouts roasted in duck fat, that just never really goes wrong. photo 1


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