This was the first year we hosted thanksgiving and in addition to having my parents and some friends we had the best surprise visitors from Canada. I tried to keep things casual but I wanted to make sure the food was all on the table at the same time, actually all hot and fresh, and you know, fairly tasty.  One of the best decisions I made was to order a pre-brined Leaping Waters Farm turkey ( from Red Apron. Saving the brining myself and getting that excellent bird certainly made the star of the meal shine – or maybe that was the crispy skin and the moist and seriously flavorful meat.

ImageI also decided to make a prime rib (or rather the Bob made it on the BGE.  We went for a Roseda Farms roast from Harvey’s Market. I think it was probably the best rib we’ve made yet.

Image I rounded out the meal by using every appliance at my disposal.  The carrots went into the sous vide machine, the Brussles sprouts into the deep fryer and I relied on helpful guets to bring the cranberry sauce, stuffing and buttermilk pie.  The oven and stove were still in constant use but using the BGE and other appliances on a holiday where you might not think to really helped get everything on the table at the same time (though I do wish I’d spent more time writing the menu more neatly).


I was also pretty happy with the table setting. Instead of using my usual table linens (I only have 12 of everything and didn’t have two of the same table cloths for two tables) I used a wide chalk board runner (which basically covered the surface of the two different colored tables) and some pretty paper place mats with this print.


I bought some pretty bouquets from Union Market but I wanted the flowers to stay on the table during the meal so I split them up and ended up with many low vases and other vessels that could keep decorating without distracting from the meal.  I didn’t get a great picture of the end result but I think this gets the idea across.



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