Individual Chicken Pot Pie

I roast chicken thighs on a bed of fall vegetables about once a week during the Autumn. It’s about the easiest dinner you can make. Just cut up some carrots, Brussels sprouts, small potatoes, leeks and whatever else you have on hand. Toss them with some cloves of garlic, fresh rosemary and thyme, and olive oil. Put them in a baking dish. Top with the chicken, a little more olive oil and salt and pepper. Everything cooks up nicely in a 400 degree oven you get moist tender chicken with crispy skin and flavorful caramelized vegetables.
We always have more than we can eat though. And I loathe to waste food, especially meat. But sadly when cooking for two it happens more than I would like. So I decided to repurpose the leftovers. I made a quick roux with flour, butter, and chicken broth (side note: I love friends who give you homemade chicken broth), chopped up the remaining chicken (sans skin), chopped the vegetables a little more finely, hit the whole thing with a splash of red wine and ended up with this.

Into the freezer it went until today when I needed a quick hearty dinner. I defrosted it, heated it in individual ramekins, topped with puff pastry and viola chicken pot pie and no wasted leftovers! Huzzah.



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