Lighthouse Tofu

I love Korean tofu soup. I love it. In areas where there’s more than one Korean restaurant in the whole city (thank goodness for Mandu when I can’t drive to VA) there are restaurants, like Lighthouse that specialize in making it and little else. None in DC though. Sadly, I’m not great at making soon doobu at home either (and even if I were there’s no close-by source for extra soft tofu). But occasionally I can convince Bob that driving to VA so I can eat a steaming bowl of tofu is a good idea. Lighthouse is great. Simple, cheap, spicy and nice big hunks of smooth custardy tofu.

They also make an excellent kimchi and pork pancake. More crunchy and fluffy than many other places in the area.

And if your husband balks at the idea of tofu there’s some fairly edible LA style kalbi.



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