Sous Vide Mania

We recently acquired a sous vide machine so we’ve been boil-in-a-baging many dinners.  One of the most sucessful experiments so far (other than perfectly cooked steak) has been pork chops.  They come out delightfully tender and flavorful.  Brine them if you want or seal them up with salt, pepper and herbs and toss them in the machine at 135-140 degrees for about two 1

When they are done saute in clarified butter or hit them with a blow torch

photo 5and you end up with some seriously beautiful and super tender chops. I served mine with some swiss chard (which I’d never cooked before).photo 2

I just chopped the stems and threw them in with some sauteed Bentons Bacon. photo 3and then added the leaves to cook down. photo 4The final result was a very hearty Sunday dinner. photo


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