Another Quick Dinner

Things have been hectic around CasadeZuverHaji lately. So the other day I was really glad that I always have some kind of bacon and dried pasta around since there wasn’t much else to eat in the house.  I also had a previously made basil and chive “pesto” sitting in the fridge and some very ripe tomatoes.  I sauteed some guanciale, peeled the tomatoes, and started to cook them down in the rendered fat. I didn’t want to wait for ages and they were pretty watery so I just tossed some pasta right in  to cook with them and added water as necessary. Towards the end I stirred in the chives and basil, hit the whole thing with a splash of cream and topped with some charred cherry tomatoes.  Turned out to be a pretty decent dinner for a “nothing in the house” type of night.

photophoto 4


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