Grilled Salads

A thing I love about summer is grilled meat.  But in an effort not to fall dead of  heart attacks at 40 we have been trying to limit our animal consumption. One great way to do this – grill vegetables: you get all that charcoal flavor but none of the artery clogging fat. After a few rounds though, the usual grill friendly sorts (looking at you squash and eggplant) get a bit played out.  Enter lettuce. Yes, lettuce.  A grilled salad never gets old since the variations on toppings are endless. Just split a head of romaine in half, brush with oil, and throw it on the grill until it’s charred.  It still stays cool and crunchy but packs serious charred flavor.  You can chop it up or serve the halves topped with dressing and other vegetables.


Another dish that’s been appearing regularly  is grilled potato salad.  Not the healthiest, but still lighter on the mayonnaise than a regular potato salad. Just buy the smallest, prettiest potatoes you can find, parboil them, toss with oil and throw them in a grilling basket on top of some hot coals.  When they come off have a dressing made of mayonnaise, lemon zest, thyme, chives and garlic waiting to toss them in while they are still hot. You won’t be sad.  I promise.

Last note: both of these make great sides with a lovely rib-eye.  Just saying.



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