Kimchi Fried Rice

I have a list of staples that I always try to keep on hand in the kitchen. And kimchi is seriously high on that list. I love rice so usually we have some leftover in the fridge but you could use other left over grains like quinoa or farro too, just make sure they are a little dried out. This isn’t one of those impress last minute dinner guests meals, it’s just great, easy, and really fast comfort food. And as long as you have kimchi and some old grains and soy sauce the possibilities are endless.

Simply sauté chopped kimchi with butter, or bacon, or sesame oil, or a combination. After about two minutes crumble in the old rice, hit it with some magi or soy sauce, crack and egg in there and scramble it, and you’ve got a totally passable, and frankly delicious, meal. Or a base for something more. If you have any of the following lying around toss them in, they are excellent additions: steak, corn, green onions, peas, garlic, chives, chopped up hot dogs, tofu, or the real winner: cheddar cheese (seriously it sounds bizarre but it’s amazing).



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