Deep Fried Pork Belly?

Oh yes.  It’s a thing. An incredible thing. Filipinos call it Lechon Kawali. To make it we pretty much followed the recipe from the Jun-Blog ( except that I used a deep fryer.  I boiled and fried the whole slab and then cut it into bits and re-fried as the recipe suggested.  It took less time than predicted in the fryer so I would just eye it and pull it out when it looks crispy, golden, and ready.  We served it with kimchi, rice, a green salad and nuoc cham – so it wasn’t an authentic Filipino meal at all, but it was delicious.  Seriously, deep fried pork belly in nuoc cham is heavenly.  There are a couple things I might do differently though.  First, I would fry the bits in batches throughout the meal to keep the crackling super fresh and crispy.  Second, I would consider brining and par roasting for additional flavor and tenderness in the meat – plus I think some of the fat under the crackling could have been rendered with no ill effects. I am sure I will want to try those modifications ASAP but I think I have to limit myself to making this dish twice a year to prevent serious health effects! 



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