Martha’s One Pot Pasta

Martha's One Pot Pasta

Today is going to be a big cooking day. Thomas Keller’s fried chicken anybody? So last night I wanted to make an easy dinner. This Martha Stewart recipe: looked good but I was skeptical. Turns out it was pretty decent, though I would add some of the tomatoes a little later in the cooking process to prevent them turning to mush. It came out a little too spicy for the Bob, but I thought no big deal I will just hit it with some tomato paste and cream. Well the cream had gone off so in a moment of insanity I used cream cheese (this is particularly hypocritical because I enjoy nothing more than railing against recipes on Pinterest that claim to be “healthy” for your family but require canned salsa, cream cheese, and frozen meat cooked to death in a slow cooker to be stuffed in tortillas). The result was a total blast from the past. Something akin to fussili picolo mondo, a dish served by a not very gourmet restaurant in Windermere House in Chicago that provided around 20 percent of my calories, if not nutrition, in law school. It may not have been a particularly sophisticated dish after my strange hijack but provided a trip down memory lane and really hit the spot.


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