Shirlington Dog Park

We were SO excited to finally visit Shirlington Dog Park this weekend thanks to our friends Joanna and Brad.  Olive was in doggy paradise and we also had a blast communing with the great outdoors. It’s a little steep to get down to this creek so next time I will wear better shoes but this is bound to become a regular summer haunt.  As an aside we stopped at Tacos Bamba on the way home.  The carnitas were good but the carne asada and al pastor were just okay.  There were a number of specials that they were out of so we will be back.  But the real thrill was the Latin market in the same parking lot.  I got frozen yuca and I can now say that I make a pretty excellent fried mogo. And I can’t wait for tonight and shrimp tacos in appropriately sized tortillas.  What is it with regular grocery stores out here? All the small tortillas they sell are still way too big for tacos. photo1 photo2


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