Postcard from Philly

A couple of weekends ago the Bob and self found ourselves on an ill-fated puppy procuring trip that took us to Philly.  We didn’t get a dog but we got a great deal at the Ritz and had a nice time wandering the city and soaking in the sights and sounds.  I’m looking forward to going back when it’s not so cold!

The really important thing about Philly (aside from our Nation’s history and all that) was the fried chicken at Federal Donuts. The best I’ve had since Ad Hoc I think.  Crunchy skin, tender flavorful meat and a couple neat twists if you’re not a purist (yes, that means they will dust your fried chicken in za’attar if you like). There isn’t much room to sit and not much else on the menu (save some delicious donuts, but only if you get them hot) but trust me after you try this chicken you won’t really want anything else.  Especially not tacos from Loco Pez.  The internet raves about this place. Zagat gives them a 29. I see the words L.A. style tacos when I Google it. One of the owners has family in San Diego. It looks like it’s going to be awesome. The nachos were good.  The refried beans were not. But the real problem was the supposedly great tacos. Over-battered fish isn’t really a good sign.  But the taco full of braised meat claiming to be carne asada? BRAISED.  Not grilled. Yeah screw you. Don’t get my hopes up and then do that to me. So the search for tacos continues …


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