Ghost Pepper (and by Extension Fuego in Arlington)

Wiki says, “In 2007, Guinness World Records certified the Bhut Jolokia as the world’s hottest chili pepper, 10,000 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.” So why would I try one? Well it all started as it usually does, with the hunt for a decent taco in DC. The Bob and self heard that there was a new Mexican restaurant in Arlington, but since we left that shopping mall that calls itself a neighborhood I’m usually loathe to go back. It’s unfortunate since there are a number of really good dining destinations in the area including Liberty Tavern and Ray’s the Steaks. This time though, we needed an oil change and wanted to see a movie. Well there’s a Jiffy Lube in Arlington and we could see Seven Psychos at the newly remodeled movie theater in Courthouse. Perfect.

Afterwards, we had little choice but to check out Fuego. The margaritas and chips were great. The guacamole was good (tangy and a little spicy) as were some pork sopes. They make excellent fried yucca, crispy on the outside and really creamy on the inside (a hard feat to accomplish with that unyielding root). The tacos though? Eh. The brisket was decent, but the fish taco was just downright bad. So the search continues. What made the experience really interesting was that they serve a ghost pepper and onion relish. I couldn’t resist trying it.


Those things are fiery. I was sweating but at the same time half my mouth was numb. I don’t really know what the point of this pepper is because added to anything it would surely overpower every other flavor. But it’s pretty cool to say I ate something that scientists at India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation planned to use in hand grenades. Or isn’t it?


P.S. Check out the new theater in Courthouse. It has some awesome seats.



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