Dinosaur Bones

When I was a kid we used to get these amazing beef ribs from a place called Noonan’s in Los Angeles. Well Noonan’s is gone. Nobody seems to have their recipe. People on the internet keep asking, but to no avail. Chez Melange in Redondo Beach recently claimed that they served, “Noonans Ribs, The Once Famous Westside Rib, Smoked, Dry Rubbed, Grilled and Glazed with Roger’s Barbecue Sauce,” but they’re no longer on the menu.

Anyway, I love beef ribs. The Bob was a little skeptical, but he’s always looking for an excuse to smoke something on the BGE so we ended up with these bad boys.


I don’t really want to talk about the rub or the smoking method. I want to talk about membrane. All the recipes I saw said to remove the membrane as you would with pork ribs. The Bob saw something that said in the south they leave it on and call it “bacon.” Well, he left the membrane on half the rack (the fattier side) and it was nothing like any bacon I’ve tasted. But it was charred fatty goodness and it kept the meat on those bones extra tender. It was a bit harder to eat since there were some chewy bits and the meat without the membrane picked up more flavor from the rub, but overall I was a fan. Next time I think we will try leaving the membrane on the leaner end of the rack to see if we get the same results.



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