Summer Shack Lobster!

 What to do when the  local grocery store has live Maine lobsters on sale for $5.99 a pound?  Spend a few minutes debating whether you can dispatch the buggers; decide that if you want to eat meat you have to be able to undo sea life at the very least.  Have a husband who once saw a Julia Child episode where they made this:
Get to work.


The Summer Shack recipe is pretty straight forward: kill, clean, and cut up the lobsters, cook in a super-hot pan, add bourbon, make a sauce with butter and herbs.  I couldn’t find chervil so I went with the tarragon parsley mixture recommended by Steamy Kitchen (  I was disinclined to use tarragon at all (anise flavor in buttery lobster?) but in a very small quantity and in conjunction with the bourbon it imparted a sort of sophistication that elevated the dish from just buttery sautéed lobster to something more unusual (and quite fantastic). I also didn’t add the tomalley and roe back into the butter as suggested because I figured killing lobsters was a good first start and wasn’t ready to play around with their innards too.  Not that it needed any more flavor, but next time I plan to be less squeamish. Also, I added a clove of minced garlic. Do that. It was good.
As the Bob said in an email to his dad,  “the hot pan roasting added a depth of flavor that I have never tasted from boiled or steamed lobsters.” Good enough for me!


The victim:



If this sale happens again I plan to try a shell-on,  all-butter sans stock version of Marc Forgione’s Chili Lobster:


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