Pumpkin Cheesecake and Other Delights

This was a big cooking weekend for us.  In addition to those lobsters below, I made a variation on Fergus Henderson’s garlic rabbit (Chicken Little instead of Peter Cottontail was the victim in our recipe). In the future I will buy an older chicken because while this was delicious and garlicy, I’d like to cook the liquid down more but the chicken was already falling off the bone.  There were also a couple of lovely salads: pea shoots in one case, kale in the other but subject to the same dressing (sherry vinaigrette made with my favorite olive oil) and the same garnishes (pomegranate seeds, ricotta salata and toasted walnuts). A delicious pasta dish actually made according to the recipe was also involved.  I don’t usually follow recipes — particularly not when I make pasta. I make an amatriciana based on this one (http://www.babbonyc.com/rec-bucatini.html) all the time. But frankly, that much guanciale and that much oil just can’t be a regular part of my diet.  This time it was a special occasion though, so I used that ¾ pound of pork.  It was delightful! I figured since I was on track to causing somebody to have a coronary at my dinner table why not finish with cheesecake? Pumpkin cheesecake! This Martha Stewart version is a little lighter, more chiffon-y if you will, than regular cheesecake 9http://www.marthastewart.com/335642/pumpkin-cheesecake).  And it turns out canned pumpkin is really good for you. So maybe I was actually doing those guests a favor.

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