Fun with Poultry


While Bob and self were on that whole wedding diet thing I started
making what I thought was a pretty healthy and satisfying dish:
poached tandoori chicken breast with coconut creamed spinach.

Well the diet is over and the last time I wanted to make it I
accidentally bought leg quarters instead of breasts. What to do? Oh
yes! Take off the skin, poach the chicken and then fry the skin
separately like chicken chicharones. The poaching keeps the meat moist
but you still get crispy skin. Huzzah!

This has become a week night go-to because it comes together so
easily. First you remove the chicken skin and throw the chicken meat
in an oven safe dish with coconut water and tandoori spices (I just
use a couple tablespoons of Patak’s tandoori paste, a jalapeño sliced
in half and some smashed garlic cloves). Toss it in a 350 degree oven
until it reaches whatever temperature the USDA tells you it should be
or you feel comfortable it’s cooked. While the chicken is in the oven
sauté fresh spinach with some garlic, tomatoes (no skin) and curry
powder. Hit it all with a stick blender adding coconut milk for
moisture as needed and a dollop of yogurt to finish. At the same time
in a separate pan, render the chicken breasts until crunchy. Chicken
skin and coconut milk aren’t great for you but this is about as “diet”
as it’s going to get anymore.


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