More Hurricane Prep

Plus Halloween dinner trial run.



Grace Garden

The out of the way Grace Garden in Odenton, MD is hardly a find at this point.  Every so-called foodie in the DC area seems to know about it.  That doesn’t mean it’s not excellent though. To give you an idea about what you can expect the place gets something like a 28 for food and a 7 for decore in Zagat. It’s small, in a seedy strip mall and has ugly and somewhat uncomfortable furniture. None of that matters. In the capable hands of Chef Chun be prepared for an excellent culinary experience.  Since it was just the Bob and self when we checked this place out we were limited to 3 dishes which was very sad considering the extensive menu. 

The famous fish noodles were delightful.  Ground up fish turned into noodles doesn’t sound like a great idea. But it is.  It really is. Delicate but somehow packing so much umami, it was certainly the best dish we tried. 


But the pocket tofu and pork belly were both excellent as well.  The tofu was unlike anything I’d tried before. Almost like gnocchi, airy and puffy and swimming is a fiery sauce that off-set the custardy velvet like texture perfectly.



I can’t wait to come back (with a bigger group and with advanced plans so we can order the menu items that require advanced notice).