The Bob and I got hitched a few weeks ago.  The wedding was great.  The honeymoon was incredible (keep an eye out for posts about Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and some cool Africa locations as well).  But like any wedding, of course, there were some rushed/stressful moments. Mainly these were while I was getting ready.  So when the hotel staff delivered a box containing this awesome Carmen Miranda esq chicken it made my day!


It even lead one of the girls to comment that in the future she’s sending a chicken to the bridal suite at every wedding she attends.  Sadly though, the card that came with this fabulous chicken was unsigned. So I’m putting it out there — for anybody with information leading to the discovery of the chicken gifter I will make a (hopefully) delightful fall chicken dinner for you and a date. No lead is too small folks!


2 thoughts on “REWARD

  1. So someone (just one?) that must have been staying at the hotel……..Perhaps knew there would be a chicken theme? Or coincidence? Unlikely, but plausible.Maybe the note in the card may lead to more clues?

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