Run (Do Not Walk) to Little Serow

And then stand in line. It’s worth it. I don’t have any pictures from my meal at Little Serow.  But take my word for it, best meal you can have in Washington DC right now. Every dish was excellent and the service was spot on.  Standouts included the pork ribs (barely sweet and fall of the bone tender), catfish noodles (an excellent melding of complex flavors and sourness), the fried molded rice with ginger, mint and peanuts (I have a real thing for crispy rice and this was some of the best I’ve had) and finally the pork crackling. Any meal in which I get pork crackling and crispy rice is bound to impress me, but this crackling really was something special.  The only thing I can think to compare it to is the crackling from Empellon in New York (pictured below).  This was a little less airy and light, but porkier and the sauce that came with it was like umami crack. The menu changes weekly and your best chance of actually getting to eat is if you show up before they start serving and don’t go with a party bigger than two.  All a little annoying, but great food for a good price makes you quickly forget your time on the sidewalk as you’re transported to Isaan with each amazing bite. 



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