A postcard


Small Advantage to Feeling Sick

Changes have been afoot around here recently – job switching, travel etc. I have a ton of meals to write about, but haven’t had a chance.  And now I’m feeling a bit sick ūüė¶ so I don’t feel like writing up a whole post.  But, I had to at least mention how wonderful and easy congee is when you’re not at your best.  This weekend we roasted 3 chickens for a dinner for 5 people. Needless to say, we have a lot of left over chicken. I also have leftover rice from Chinese takeout. Perfect. Fry up some garlic and scallions in leftover chicken schmaltz, throw in the leftover rice, cook down in broth until it’s thick like oatmeal. Mix in leftover shredded chicken.  Top with crunchy chicken skin, furikake and kimchi (not authentic, but delightful).

It’s still cooking, so for now I will just post a picture of the chicken dinner that provided the meat for this comforting cold weather meal and go light a fire. 


And while I’m at it a photo of what possibly might be the worst tasting gingerbread man ever. Green onions? What was I thinking?