Feeling Like Fall


I have much catching up to do.  Vancouver, Seattle and a few New York posts. But I can’t write because all I can think about is pumpkin pie …



Dock Kitchen London

If you’re on a quick trip to London, skip The Dock Kitchen. It’s a pain to get out there. But if you have some time to explore this is not a place to be missed. I had been meaning to write about it for a long time and then today an email in my inbox telling me that they are now hosting a weekend market finally got me motivated. It’s a sort of sparse, clean contemporary space out in the Portobello Docks (that’s W10). Not much else going on around there, but the food is excellent and the prices are great as well (for London anyway). The menu is constantly changing, but it seems to involve great British ingredients with twists from all sorts of global cuisine. We started with some excellent labneh and goat cheese with roasted garlic.


Both were a testament to English cows. Simple, but creamy and doused in olive oil, two very satisfying starters. I had roasted lamb which was tender, flavorful and cooked perfectly. It came with some roasted potatoes that were crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.


The Bob’s Persian chicken tasted like an elevated version of something you’d get in Westwood in Los Angeles. Beautifully plated, super moist chicken with crispy skin in a sort of tart Iranian inspired sauce.


We would have loved to stay for sweets, but we were in a crazy hurry and the portions were huge. This is a place where it probably makes sense to share.