Summer Tomatoes

Summer means tomatoes. In everything! The other day I decided to make a sort of “sauce” to freeze so I can have summer tomatoes all year round. What I was looking to capture was that really tomato flavored essence that hot house tomatoes that you get during the winter just don’t really have. So all I did was blanch, skin and de-seed some tomatoes and cook them down with olive oil. A teeny bit of salt and some basil – that was it.  Into the freezer it went. I hope it makes for the base of a delightful sauce sometime in November.


Another way I tried to freeze a bit of summer was to toss a batch of pesto trapanese in the freezer.  Basically cherry tomatoes, toasted blanched almonds, good extra virgin olive oil, basil and garlic go into the food processor. I plan to take it out on a chilly night cook some spaghetti add some more olive oil and pecorino for a quick dinner reminiscent of a balmy summer evening. Hopefully it freezes well.  It should look something like this.

Any other ideas for good ways to freeze summer tomatoes (or any other vegetables for that matter)?

And finally I leave you with some tomato porn. I saw these beauties in a market in Florence last year.




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