Mr. Rain’s Funhouse at the American Visionary Art Museum

If you find yourself in Baltimore you really shouldn’t miss the American Visionary Art Museum (  It’s a couple of buildings of delightful quirky items, that may not be art in the most typical sense, but are a hoot to look at. You can tell from the outside that this isn’t going to be your usual museum experience.

All of the artists on display are self-taught and displays range from a huge boat made from toothpicks to this guy.

Once you reach the third floor of the main building you really should stop at Mr. Rain’s Fun House ( The menu looks spastic and disorganized. I mean seriously, banchan, hotdogs and gazpacho on the same menu? But the food is well executed and delicious and the cocktails are spot-on. We had to try the banchan to start.  A series of pickled vegetables, all of which were crisp and none of which were overpowered by the pickling process, except maybe the cauliflower. My companion had the Chef’s Salad, which was nothing like the diner nightmares those words usually evoke.  Nope, no day old iceberg lettuce and over processed ham here. Instead it was tender sweet crab on fresh greens with a delicate dressing. I had a burger with kimchi and avocado.  It was like biting into Korean BBQ in a bun. Meaty, succulent, umami-y. Strange combo, I know, but it was one of the best burgers I’ve had recently. That should be reason enough to visit.  We sat at the bar where service was attentive and knowledgeable. The folks who work at Mr. Rain’s seem excited about their funky but captivating little restaurant which makes eating there all the more alluring.  

The dinner menu is more extensive and I think I will be trying out the odd sounding watermelon and scallop curry next time I’m in Baltimore. In case it’s as good as that burger …



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