Zucchini Pasta


After the meat-fest I posted yesterday I thought something lighter was in order.  I’ve been trying to work more vegetables into the diet, especially when I can use them to replace something without nutritional value, like say … pasta.  That’s not to say I don’t eat pasta anymore, I do, but on a hot summer day this dish is a refreshing change. Step one is to purchase one of these $5 slicers: http://www.amazon.com/Swissmar-Peeler-Julienne-Blade-Blue/dp/B002TMULSS/ref=pd_sbs_k_1.  After it arrives purchase yourself a zucchini or two and go to work creating “spaghetti.”  (You can blanch off the strips before the next step if you want to use less fat, but I didn’t bother.) Throw a generous pat of butter or a glug of olive oil  and some minced garlic in a pan. Once the garlic is fragrant, toss in the noodles making sure not to over fill the pan a healthy amount of freshly ground black pepper, top with your egg and some fresh basil and enjoy. You could also toss in some bacon or charred cherry tomatoes if you wanted, but I thought the dish was delicious without any additions. P.S. A very good farm fresh egg is key here, don’t go buying your eggs from the grocery store and expecting this to taste good.


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