The Remains of the 36 Hour Dinner

After all of the fun was had and all of the guests were gone the Bob and I realized we had enough food leftover from the dinner to eat for a week. Of course we didn’t want to just eat re-heated leftovers so we had to re-purpose a little bit. Not everything we tried came out great, but a couple winners were the smoked salmon spread (made with the leftover smoked salmon of course) and shepherd’s pie (made with the leftover mashed potatoes and lamb).

The salmon spread is really pretty easy. Combine cream cheese, sour cream, lemon juice, and pepper, mix in the salmon and stick blend. I wish we had included some kind of herb (dill perhaps) to cut the richness, but the best I could do was to top with green onions. Plop on toast, open a chilled bottle of white and you have a nice and easy dinner or fancy appetizer.

Shepherd’s pie is a great way to use up leftover meat and potatoes. Just cut the meat and any cooked root vegetables you have sitting around (carrots, parsnips and onions work well) into bite sized pieces and toss in a pan with some stout beer, butter (or a roux if you feel up to it), salt and pepper (you could add garlic and herbs, but that wasn’t necessary since the lamb was stuffed with both before it was originally roasted). Let the mixture thicken a little and warm up.  Toss in a handfull of frozen peas, stir until just warm and transfer to a glass baking dish. Top with preheated mashed potatoes and grated cheddar cheese.  Toss in the broiler until the cheese is bubbling and starting to crisp.  Serve with a simple salad.



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