Pizza on the Big Green Egg

For lunch on Saturday of the 36 Hour Dinner we made pizzas.  Alex and Lynda had some experience doing this in an oven ( but none of us had done it over real fire. I made the marinara the day before and we had the dough all ready to go so we just had to make an Eastern Market run to get cheese and all sorts of fresh vegetables.

The meat was the pulled pork that we didn’t get to eat the night before because it took twice as long to cook as anticipated (it came off the BGE past midnight – which also meant I had to bake the Cuban style chicken since the egg was in use but more on that another time). Bryan managed to get every edible piece of meat off the bone and Lynda did some kind of magic doctoring store to bought BBQ sauce.

What we learned: If you put the pans directly on the heat you get burnt pizza.  If you use the place setter you get perfect, crispy, flavorful practically restaurant quality wood-fired pizza. So yeah, use the place setter.  This meal involved almost no work from me since the meat and the sauce were made ahead of time.  So I just sat and ate while everyone else worked really hard.  But it was a brilliant idea on Alex’s part and we plan to make many more pizzas on the BGE.



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