36 Hours of Sucess!


That title might be a bit hyperbolic since there were a couple of hiccups. But each meal came out pretty much as planned (though about 3 hours later than anticipated in just about every case).  I was a little apprehensive about the 36 hours of insanity. But if you have awesome helpful friends like I do then I suggest you plan your own 36 hour dinner stat. It was a ton of fun and some excellent eating.


I will post about all of the dishes in more detail, but some pictures of the boneless leg of lamb with persillade are attached here. We roasted some garbanzo beans in the bottom of the roasting pan as the lamb cooked. Garbanzo beans cooked in lamb fat are seriously tasty. The BGE is proving to be worth its weight in ceramic. It did a fantastic job of keeping meat juicy on the inside, creating a nice crust and infusing everything with a nice woody smoky flavor.



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