The 36 Hour Dinner

A few months ago I was intrigued by this article in the New York Times (  It involves a goat, one big fire and a series of meals. I don't have a goat, a big fire or a backyard so it wasn't really something I thought I could possibly stage. Nonetheless, I embark on a (VERY) modified version of the 36 hour dinner today.  The idea is to try to keep a fire going and use it to cook a series of meals (though none goat sadly) for a group of people over the course of the weekend.  The other idea is to spend 36 hours with this group of people cooking, eating and being merry.  The dinner parties we generally have with them usually end up running all night anyway so why not?!  For full disclosure I'm using a Big Green Egg (not digging a cob oven under my deck).
The plan is to slow cook a pernil (pork butt) all day today at a low temperature.  Tonight we will fire up the heat to BBQ some Cuban style chicken. Then we feast on pork and chicken (hopefully). After the BBQ we will use the residual heat to make breakfast cinnamon rolls. Then back to high heat for some lunch time cast iron pizzas, roasted leg of lamb for dinner and to use the last of the heat to smoke salmon for Sunday breakfast. I'm not sure what will happen but stay tuned for pictures and updates!

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